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Need help with your career management / finding your dream job?

With a multitude of new features and personalised insights, Skillsvista is your #1 tool for finding your dream job.

What do we do?

Our Approach

Our Innovative Approach

We have created a platform to take the stress out of finding a job. Create a skills profile and immediately see how your skills are transferable across different roles and sector's. Complete our career fit test to see the industries and roles that align with who you are. 

Why wait for that dream job to land on your lap? Let Skillsvista help put it there.

How It All Works

1. Information Hub

Compare your skills profile against open roles, see skill gaps, path to your employment or dream job.

2. Job Recommendation

Create a profile and complete SkillsVista's, Personality, and Career Interest questionnaires. We then use Artificial Intelligence to determine the best-fit jobs for you.

3. Shortlist

Shortlist your favorite jobs.

4. Guidance Session

If you’re still unsure which of your recommendations you like best then not to worry, we can book you in for a one-to-one session with a coach/mentor using our database. (coming soon)

Discover your best-fit job options
Narrow down your job preferences
Solidify confidence in your decisions

How is my job fit calculated?

1. Data Analytics

We analyse your skills profile and compare it to jobs that have similar skills so that you can see the other type of roles that you can fill. This increases your opportunity to find rewarding employment.

2. Personality Types

We use the renowned Holland Occupational Themes methodology to determine your personality type. This allows us to find what jobs and career areas you would be best suited to.

3. Career Interests

Our Career Interest test deciphers your suitability and interest in a broad range of career sectors. Where you could see yourself working in the future is an integral part of choosing the right job.

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